4 Unique Outdoor Team Building Activities You Will Enjoy

To make us even more productive at work, managers tend to decide on ideas to break the monotony.  When the weather’s cool and it’s nice outside, staff will surely don’t want themselves be cooped inside the office.  Normally, they can’t work well enough if they desire to accomplish something worthwhile and memorable outside the working environment. This is the idea of outdoor team building activities. They are sure tricks to improve productivity and the overall morale of each employee. If managers will incorporate the idea of outdoor fun, employees will be excited every single day they spent working for the company. It does not only promote health but interaction in a more fun and casual social setting are the seen benefits.

First things first, the activity in-charge should have the knowledge on how to lead a team. Without it, the team building activities will not be a sure success— co-workers will not be motivated. Learn the better way of communicating to make teammates understand your instructions easily, be true, and have a joyful glow. Now, if you are in-charge of the activity looking for cool outdoor team building activities that are creative, entertaining and a sure hit, below are 4 activity suggestions:

1.     Flat-Out Boat

This is a unique way of team building activity that rejoices over the impossible. It is inspired in 1947 by Thor Heyedahl, who sailed a balsa/raft made of wood from Peru to Polynesia in order to prove that a good seafarer can survive in sea’s journey for 101 days. In this event, the challenge to the team is to construct a boat out from rare materials (cardboard, empty cans or plastic bottles, etc). It will hone the team’s creativity, coordination, intermingling of skills and patience to surpass a difficult task. When the craft is finished, you then schedule the competing teams to a pool or lake where they will race and keep the craft afloat.

2.     Zumba after Work

This is a fitness-related activity that will enhance the physique and mood of the participants. It is the trend when it comes to fitness and modern group dancing. As socializing is good for the mind, exercising is worthy for the body.

3.     Crafts on the Fogs

This one focuses on teamwork and trust. In an outdoor setting, instruct the participants to look for partner. Starting with a first pair, ask the rest to scatter around but in close proximity. One partner will escort the other partner, who is in a blindfold, amongst the scattered people around. Their innate creativity and skills will help them navigate in the midst of the throng. This kind of activity will stimulate working together and good communication.

4.     Faking Sync and Swim

This is the kind of synchronized swimming that you’ve never witnessed before. This is done with NO water! With all the spectacle of an Olympic game, the activity will change participants into a swimmer squad ready to bring the gold home.  However, in order to get the trophy, teams must plot, practice and perform a choreographed performance with music, nose clips and swimming gears worn by a typical swimmer. This is a fun way to entertain because groups will surely roll their imaginations and creativity to impress judges.

The abovementioned outdoor team building activities ensures this result: team coordination through good communication. With a team bearing this kind of quality, employee relationship becomes smooth and open leading to a more productive bottom line.

Post Author: Laura