Top Applications of SCADA in Industries

There are many uses of SCADA technology, and the reason is because many industrial companies need a lot of monitoring and control capabilities offered by SCADA. In most scenarios, SCADA is used to manage process such as water processing and manufacturing processing as well. Other areas that SCADA is used include IT system communication management and in Telecom industries.

Here are some of the uses of SCADA systems.


In manufacturing industry, SCADA is used to ensure that all the production targets are met and all the systems function smoothly. In production, SCADA system is used to keep track on the number of units produced as well as the number of products in different stages, analogue values such as temperatures at different production stages are also calculated, just imagine how crucial it would be to understand the temperature of molten metal that must convert into products.

Food production

Just like in a software company, food application is a vital SCADAapplication. If temperature is a crucial element for making gear, it is also crucial for mass food production. If temperature levels are not correct, then the entire production could be bad. This leads to plenty of wasteful expenses, which makes the use of SCADA system critical. The movement of solid and liquid ingredients is a process that is controlled by the SCADA system.

Electric and gas utilities

Utility firms, particularly the gas utility industries, face a lot of difficulties just like the manufacturing and the telecom industries. These companies have to move products physically through the systems, and spread them in a very large area. However, the use of the SCADA automation equipment fits utility environments, because these companies need to manage the movement of gas and power in the distribution section. Also, they have to maintain the telecom infrastructure on the internet.

Wastewater treatment

The process of converting wastewater into clean drinkable water is also another form of manufacturing process. It delivers the most important item in the world. The use of flow rate sensors through the SCADA system have helped many wastewater centers convert wastewater into drinking water with much ease. Other equipment that use SCADA systems are contaminant sensors.

Telecom and information technology

Many people in the telecom environment don’t usually use the term ‘’SCADA’’. On the same note, most people in this environment don’t use this term to refer to control systems and remote monitoring in the telecom industry. However, monitoring server temperatures and other delicate tools requires the SCADA system applications. Another device that uses this system is dedicated alarm closures. Other SCADA powered devices are the magnetic door sensors as well as passive infrared motion sensors which monitor against physical intrusions.

Specific SCADA equipment examples

To fully understand SCADA system applications, it is wise to take a look at some examples of gears. One good example is the Remote Terminal Units which are typically the front lines of SCADA. It doesn’t matter whether you select a freeware solutions or a professional HMI, the system you choose will work perfectly. Other automated systems include SCADA-Guardian and SCADA RTU which have sensors. You can use the sensors for flow rates, humidity, water leaks and tank levels. Please visit

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