Where to Get the Best Aerial Photography Services in Sydney

Aerial footage has been a tool used by filmmakers for years to share images of vast, captivating landscapes from a new perspective. For many years such footage was only obtainable through the use of airplanes, helicopters and very expensive film equipment. The cost of these productions made aerial shots unobtainable for many people.

However, the advancement of drone technology has made the capture of aerial footage much more available to the public. Aerial filming drones now have the speed and versatility to capture significant areas from various angles and spaces unreachable by planes and helicopters. Additionally, modern drones are tough and durable, allowing them to capture steady images in high wind environments.

aerial filming drones

Eagle Eye Aerials is an innovative Sydney based production company that consistently delivers high quality aerial images and video via aerial filming drones. Thanks to years of experience in film and video production, the Eagle Eye crew is able to deliver a high quality product. Some of the notable uses of aerial footage include:

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Promotional Advertisement
  • Scientific study
  • Structural Assessment
  • Coverage of sporting events

Real Estate

The use of aerial filming drones for real estate purposes is a very valuable tool for both the buyer and seller in any situation. Aerial footage provides a whole new perspective to potential buyers. Having the ability to see a full 360 degree view of a property in HD allows the viewer to not only see the property, but also in some cases its visible surroundings. Eagle Eye Aerials can capture both stills and video in HD quality that will assure any potential buyer that they are dealing with a serious, professional real estate agency. This edge in turn separates not only that property, but the agency as a whole from its competitors.

Indoor footage

The indoor capabilities of aerial filming drones make them an excellent option for those who need to capture footage in an indoor space. Drones are both more agile and cheaper than dollies, rigs and other indoor film equipment.  Footage of a warehouse, factory floor can be used to demonstrate quality work done on an industrial level that consumers would not otherwise be able to see. Additionally, Indoor footage can be used to market indoor spaces to potential buyers.

Event venues, both indoor and outdoor, can utilize this tool as well, marketing to both potential tenants and attendees. Eagle Eye Aerials can deliver a wide range of shots that highlight all of the various marketable aspects of any space, drawing business in at a fraction of the cost of other methods.

Scientific Study

Footage from aerial filming drones has a vast amount of usefulness in the scientific and industrial setting. Scientists can use aerial footage to capture images or footage of an animal from a distance. Aerial shots can be used to show change in a large area over time. This new tool can help anyone studying the environment draw conclusions about an area and the organisms within it. From PhD to curious high school biology class, Eagle Eye Aerials can help any curious mind develop a further understanding of the environment.

Promotional Use

Imagine the exciting aerial footage of a teenager navigating city streets on a new skateboard, or a car navigating windy mountain roads on new tires. Through the use of aerial filming drones one can highlight their product in a bold, captivating way. Eagle Eye Aerials’ drones can highlight many products in their natural intended setting, whether it be a lawnmower cutting down a large lawn in no time, or a garden of beautiful flowers artfully arranged by a gardening company.

Eagle Eye Aerials is dedicated to safely providing clients with innovative footage and images that suit their need and exceed their expectations. For more information visit http://www.eagleeyeaerial.com.au/

Post Author: Laura